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Keep your children safe.
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41672-hi-SuperBaby2Children can injure, or even strangle themselves on window blind and curtain cords. When exploring or playing, a child can become entangled in hanging cords. If the child then tries to sit or falls down, they can hang themselves in the loop.

There are several simple steps you can take to minimise this risk – and help keep your child safe.

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Customize Your Window Blinds in Cork

One criticism that some people say about roller blinds is on how most of it looks – being so ordinary and boring at some point. However, window blinds in Cork offers a variety of options, from colors to designs. Unknown to some, you can actually customize your window blinds, such as roller blinds cork, in order for you to get the right sets that will meet your requirements. Thus, you are not limited to what are available or what are featured in your potential provider’s portfolio. You have the free hand to mix and match the materials and design that you ...Read More
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Office Improvement: Opting for Window Blinds in Cork

Do you want to make your office look better and at the same keep your privacy all the time? Then, you have to consider roller blinds cork for your windows. When choosing some pieces of office furniture and other office necessities, a number of people tend to give more attention to tables, chairs, and wall decorations when in fact the windows are key component of the entire office which should be improved by dressing them up. One of the best ways to improve the general look of your office windows is to use window blinds in Cork. If you’re still ...Read More
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Window improvement: Cleaning Your Roller Blinds

Like curtains, window blinds also need to be cleaned. But here's the upside: You only spend a fraction of the time cleaning your roller blinds as compared to the long hours you spend washing those large, unwieldy pieces of cloth. And you don't have to wash your blinds as often as twice a month! But before you begin cleaning your window blinds, you need to determine the kind of material they are made of before soaking them in soap suds. Or else, you risk the possibility of spending more (i.e., you need to purchase a new set!). With this in mind, you'll ...Read More
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Window improvement: Choosing the Best Window Blinds in Cork Provider

Window improvement doesn't only involve choosing the right design, colour, and type of window blinds in cork for your homes and offices. Another important factor that should influence one's decision is choosing the right company that will not only satisfy your immediate window blinds in cork requirements, but more importantly, be able to respond to your every need as a customer. In short, you want a company that will give a bigger bang for your buck, while providing the same quality service each and every time. The following are some tips on how to select the best company that "walks its talk": 1. ...Read More
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Roller Blinds: The Evolution of Window Dressing

There's a saying that goes: "The old must give way to the new." Undeniably, change is upon us and is influencing every aspect of our daily life. Old beliefs, concepts and practices which have been handed down for generations are giving way to modern, practical and more efficient ways of thinking and doing things. We are now in the midst of a technological revolution that has made it possible for companies to develop products that are based not only on current market trends, but more importantly, on what will cater to the specific needs of consumers across the globe. And among those which ...Read More


Our sales staff will measure your windows, advise you on the selection of your blinds and provide a no obligation quote. We offer quality and exceptional window blinds in Cork, Ireland. To arrange your appointment please contact us via our contact form or by email and phone.

Direct Blinds also service and repair domestic and commercial blinds.


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Safety devices are supplied with all of our blinds.

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