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Keep your children safe.
Make safe your existing blinds.


41672-hi-SuperBaby2Children can injure, or even strangle themselves on window blind and curtain cords. When exploring or playing, a child can become entangled in hanging cords. If the child then tries to sit or falls down, they can hang themselves in the loop.

There are several simple steps you can take to minimise this risk – and help keep your child safe.

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How To Order Window Blinds Online Efficiently

You could be one of those people who have been experiencing some difficulty in organizing their schedule. Thus, you find it really hard to squeeze in some time for shopping in your very hectic schedule. So what is the solution? Of course, you resort to online shopping. With the advent of technology, you can now


Window blinds in Cork: Bringing Out Your Creative Side

Artists and users of window blinds in Cork have something in common: Both have the opportunity to showcase their creativity. While artists utilize the canvas or a sketchbook to get his or her creative juices flowing, window blinds owners are using the window treatment as a means to express their artistry. In fact, more and


Panel Track Window Blinds in Cork Defined

Planning for a home improvement project is definitely not an easy task. However, while it is true that it is challenging, it is exciting as well. When trying to improve your windows or your glass doors, you have been thinking about getting a set of window blinds in Cork, particularly the panel track blinds. While


Motorized Window Blinds For Your Kids’ Safety

When you have little children and pets at home, you certainly want your environment safe for them. In fact, you would look for home furnishings and furniture pieces that are not hazardous, especially when they are running around. When it comes to window treatments, you are eyeing for something affordable and fashionable. So you decided


Window Blinds in Cork: Common Parts Defined

A lot of us could be familiar that there is a certain type of window treatment known as window blinds in Cork. However, when it comes to knowing their parts, we may just end up counting a few hands. At times, when we would refer a certain part to the repair man, we would end



Our sales staff will measure your windows, advise you on the selection of your blinds and provide a no obligation quote. We offer quality and exceptional window blinds in Cork, Ireland. To arrange your appointment please contact us via our contact form or by email and phone.

Direct Blinds also service and repair domestic and commercial blinds.


Direct Blinds provide exceptional blinds at reasonable prices!
The experience of our sales, manufacturing and installation teams has earned our company a reputation of excellence in the window blinds cork industry.
Direct Blinds can provide you with excellent service and advice on all your window blind needs.
All of our blinds come with a full 12 month guarantee on parts and labour.
Safety devices are supplied with all of our blinds.

Direct Blinds offers huge selection of blinds that you can choose from
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To arrange your appointment please contact us via our contact form or by email and phone.

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