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41672-hi-SuperBaby2Children can injure, or even strangle themselves on window blind and curtain cords. When exploring or playing, a child can become entangled in hanging cords. If the child then tries to sit or falls down, they can hang themselves in the loop.

There are several simple steps you can take to minimise this risk – and help keep your child safe.

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Types of Available Window Blinds in Cork

You are on the verge of your home improvement planning when you suddenly think of beautifying your windows by using some blinds. However, you are not sure on what particular make and design you must consider, more so, what types of window blinds in Cork are currently available from various potential suppliers. So really, what are the available window blinds, particularly in Ireland, right now? We have enlisted some types of window blinds in Cork that are available from numerous providers. Read on to know which specific type, design, or color is best for your home. Actually, the types of available window ...Read More
window blinds in cork

Window Blinds in Cork, Inside or Outside Mount?

Opting for window blinds in Cork is often considered as the most affordable window treatment for your home. Aside from the fact that they are sold at reasonable rates, they are also easy to maintain, have a neat appearance, and do not take up extra space for installation. In fact, more homeowners are now switching to window blinds in Cork not only because of their practical value but also due to their beauty and craftsmanship. However, finding the best window blinds in Cork for your home is somehow a challenging task especially if you are to decide between ...Read More
window blinds in cork

How to Find the Best Window Blinds in Cork

Finding the right window blinds in Cork is definitely a tiring task, at some point. Why? Because you need to consider a number of things before deciding on which among the available window treatments are appropriate for your homes, particularly your windows. Your windows, as an integral part of your abode, definitely need some grooming in order to enhance the general look of your most favourite place on earth. After all, your home is the best place to stay according to your standards of comfort. And talking about standards, what are the specific standards or considerations that you must look into if ...Read More
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Window Blinds in Cork for Hospitals

When dressing up a room inside a hospital or a care home, you always consider the patients who will be using it. First and foremost, you think about hygiene and safety. Along this line, you consider all aspects inside the room that will help maintain its hygiene and safety. One way of maintaining the hygiene and safety of a hospital or care home room is the use of proper window treatment. Thus, you have to find the best window covering that will suit your ultimate purpose. By picking window blinds in Cork, you can certainly deliver the objective of making the hospital ...Read More
window blinds cork

Window Blinds in Cork: Opting for Wood

For years now, a lot of interior designers and home owners have been considering wood furniture and furnishings to enjoy an elegant feel of the place's entire ambience. This is because wood can surely deliver your requirements depending, of course, on your preference and the motif you want to achieve. If you want a certain room in your home, for instance, to be country-looking and the other one to be ultramodern, then you need to play with the paint you use in your wood furniture and furnishings. Yes, the secret to achieving it lies on the variety of paint and stain ...Read More


Our sales staff will measure your windows, advise you on the selection of your blinds and provide a no obligation quote. We offer quality and exceptional window blinds in Cork, Ireland. To arrange your appointment please contact us via our contact form or by email and phone.

Direct Blinds also service and repair domestic and commercial blinds.


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Safety devices are supplied with all of our blinds.

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